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A recovering Fortune 500 consultant, Ina changed course about 10 years ago (after being beaten up by her muse) to focus on writing and publishing...

The Un-Workshop

Un-Workshop programs are designed to enhance the lives of people professionally and personally, improving the profitability and...


Ina's bestselling book Pawprints, followed by the bestseller How to Write Your Memoirs established the author as both a story teller and a coach who...

The Memoir Coach

Ina's Writing Workshops™ are for for both memoir writing and creative writing of any nature. She also hosts workshops for...


Pawpress Publishing has become an outlet for Amazon Bestsellers such as Stories from the Heart and Wine, Women, Whispers by...


Ina has become an in-demand speaker, not only on the topic her books but in the all-important areas of literacy and...


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Ina has a way of getting people to open up that is unique. That's a very rare talent.

E. Meyer, Artist and Jeweler

Ina invites us all to lighten up... and get those juices flowing.

Michelle Nuzzo, Wellness Coach
  • Writing Tip #6: Distractions from your own head

    Thought I’d get back to posting some memoir writing tips. This one deals with a frequent issue many of us face when creating a memoir, or for that matter, any form of writing. Do you find that a bunch of totally different adventures and people keep jumping into your thoughts as you’re trying to write […]

  • Thoughts on Getting Older – The Forgetting Game

    or … Head on Neck, Place For the last few weeks, I have been in a tizzy. More than usual. I am not sure why. Lots going on, but that in itself is not unusual. I am a million years older than I used to be, so that could be a factor, except, the series […]

  • Life in the Cats Lane – the Morning Drill

    You who are owned by cats, like me, know the morning drill. Here’s an excerpt from my diary from a typical Tuesday… 5:00 am. Sound asleep, peacefully dreaming. Of something other than cats, most of the time. Lately for me, it’s how to get a word out of x, e and p in Word on […]